Set in the home of a struggling but hopeful working-class family, six  drama-packed episodes chart the rise of high school rugby stars, Mana and Tai. Two brothers, one dream. Under the guidance of their step-father coach Vince and police officer mum Renee, the boys fight to achieve the ‘Kiwi’ dream of the black jersey. But will the game of rugby bring this whanau together or tear them apart forever?

Mana and Tai Roberts are star players of Southdown High School’s First XV, which under the guidance of their step-father and coach Vince O’Kane, has just made it into Auckland’s premiere tournament, the 1A. Stakes are high –the struggling, low-decile school desperately needs a win.

But the team takes a blow when Christian Deering – Southdown High First XV captain and Mana’s best friend – is poached by their bitter rivals, wealthy neighbouring private school Saint Isaac’s College. This sets in motion an all-out war between the two schools. As the bad blood spills over, Mana and Tai’s mum Renee has to deal with the brawls – she’s the local cop and she’s starting to get sick of rugby and the trouble it brings. She’s already trying to raise her sons, and her daughter Aria, who lives in the shadow of her
rugby-playing brothers. And as if that’s not enough, big-hearted Renee opens her home to troubled solo-mother Gabrielle and her rebellious son Riley, to help them cope with a tragedy. Now Renee has a full house – and a husband who seems to only be able to focus on what’s happening on the field, instead of in his own whare.

Set mostly in the home of a struggling but energetic, vibrant young working-class family, six drama-packed episodes will culminate in the all-important 1A final – Southdown High versus Saint Isaac’s College, where we will find out whether the game of rugby can bring whanau and community together... Or might everything just fall apart?